Safeguard your people in an outstanding platform

The Safeture user-friendly platform improves your organization’s security by correlating risk and location data for informed decisions and targeted communication. 

A vital component to People Risk Management

Safeture is the technological hub in the ecosystem of Risk Management.

We provide the best technology platform, enabling your organization to protect what matters the most. Wherever they are. Your people. 

You have the full power

For the first time ever, you have full access to the combined power of Information, Location, and Communication in our state of the art technology solution.

This is why Safeture is the right technological provider for your People Risk Management.

Top reasons to choose Safeture

Taking care of Duty of Care

  • Together with our assistance partners, we offer a complete duty of care solution, covering the whole process from incident to confirmed safety 
  • Features for legal and moral compatibility

Usability made simple

  • Intuitive interfaces – the web portal and the mobile app
  • App that works for everyone, available for both Apple and Android users

Market leading usage

  • Among the highest usage rates in the market
  • Easy access to relevant risk management information

Flexible integrations

  • Our platform is built to easily integrate into your current solution and suppliers
  • Can integrate with any HR platform, Travel Management Company, and third-party content

Focus on data security

  • Trusted by large, multinational companies
  • Legal compliance that exceeds industry standard requirements
  • Safeture takes all necessary data protection measures

Curious to see all the reasons that make us the best on the market?

Safeture's real-time mass notifications and strong geolocation services have enhanced our travel security portfolio for the sake of our employees' lives and limbs.

Marco Mille

Marco Mille
Head of Corporate Security, Siemens

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Trusted by more than 4000 organizations globally​

Meet Safeture

Looking for procurement of a service for protecting people and fulfilling Duty of Care?

We would be more than happy to discuss this type of procurement – we have more than 30 security and medical assistance partners that can facilitate your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Protecting end-user privacy is at the core of Safeture’s values and something we work hard to achieve it in all aspects. An end-user can easily disable all service including positioning capabilities in the mobile application, and set their own privacy level.
Safeture supports both dynamic user positioning via the Safeture app (Based on GPS, WIFI network, VPN, and Mobile Network connections) and static positioning via a travel booking itinerary or a static facility location added to the system.
Please contact us at or reach out to us by clicking on “Contact us” at the top of our website. It is also possible to contact us through the Mobile Application by selecting “Support”.
You can download the app directly from your app store/app provider. To activate it you need a Subscription ID from your organization, or your standard organization credentials if your organization has integrated single sign-on with the Safeture platform.

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