Let's work together

Safeture’s Partner Program enables you to focus on what you do best.

Leave the tech to us!

Here’s why you should partner up with Safeture

Partnership first

  • Cooperations enable a complete solution for clients
  • Create more business, thus more revenue
  • Streamlined processes and support from all Safeture departments through our Partner Program

Taking care of Duty of Care

  • Together, we offer a complete duty of care solution, covering everything from incident to confirmed safety
  • A user-friendly platform that unifies all necessary functions and systems

Market leading usability & usage

  • Intuitive web portal and an easy-to-use mobile app available for both iOS and Android
  • Among the highest usage rates on the market

Flexible integrations & APIs

  • Our platform is built to integrate current solutions and suppliers easily
  • Works with any HR platform, Travel Management Company (TMC), and third-party content

Focus on data security & privacy

  • Legal compliance exceeding industry standards
  • Flexibility for users regarding privacy settings
  • Safeture is ISO 27001:2013 certified

Scalability for the future

  • Platform useful for small to large businesses
  • Manage risk and safety for a growing number of organizations and people, all in one place

State of the art technology

  • Market-leading technological solution
  • A collaborative product roadmap that ensures we develop new technology advancements

Efficient onboarding

  • Get started in no time with our quick and clear process
  • A dedicated Safeture team will be assigned to you, ensuring a qualitative onboarding experience

Our partnership with Safeture has enabled Global 24 to grow exponentially in our market. Safeture’s technology platform linked with our travel risk management solution is acknowledged by client’s as market leading. This would not be remotely possible without a professional and supportive partner such as Safeture, providing us with wonderful ongoing support.


Julian Heath
Chief Operating Officer, Global 24 Advisory & Assistance

Generating better results.


There are several benefits of being a partner of Safeture. We want to offer you as a partner the best solution for protecting and assisting your clients’ most important resources – their people.


With our co-branding feature, you can have your logo and colors visible to your client’s users. It is the same great Safeture app, but designed in accordance with your brand.

Clear Partner Dashboard

Managing risk and safety for multiple organizations.

To reduce the time and friction of manually switching security views for different accounts, we developed the Partner Dashboard, providing a single view of the aggregated risk information for all your clients.

Unlock new rewards and enhanced business focus with our partner tiers

Our Partner program is divided into three tiers. Referral, Silver and Gold partners.

You work in security and risk management and/or travel management industry.

You often meet organizations that need a platform to manage their people’s safety and travel risk needs, to be able to inform, locate and communicate when a crisis occurs.

You don’t have an ERC / GSOC or any capability to monitor and assist clients.​

You don’t need to be a provider of the Safeture services, but you would like to refer clients to Safeture and become a Referral Partner.

You work in the security assistance and risk management industry.

You have an ERC / GSOC service towards clients, and you need a platform to help manage your clients’ people safety and travel risk needs.​

You want to be a provider of the Safeture services and combine your service offering with a technical infrastructure.​

A Silver Partner is expected to generate new business/divisions and clients within the SME segment.

You work in the medical and/or security assistance and risk management industry.

You have an ERC / GSOC service towards your clients, and need a platform to manage your clients’ people safety and travel risk needs.

You want to be a provider of the Safeture services and combine our service offering with a technical infrastructure or replace an existing one.​

A Gold Partner is expected to generate new business/divisions and clients within all segments.

Referral Partner
Silver Partner
Gold Partner
Safeture platform account
Access to Safeture Platform Multi-Partner Account
Access to Partner Freemium
Visible on Safeture Marketplace
Co-branded web portal & application
Company logo on Safeture's website
Description & link to company website
Marketing support
Marketing support including co-branded materials
Access to Partner Portal with log in
Sales support from a dedicated Sales Manager
Client development support
Client development support from dedicated manager
Product team support
Data & Information Security support

We believe in the power of strong partnerships

Partner onboarding

Getting started shouldn’t be hard. That’s why we have put together a six-step onboarding journey that is pleasant and smooth for you as our new partner.


Meet our dedicated Client Development Team - your first point of contact regarding onboarding and technical support.

Technical onboarding ​

You will now integrate with our platform and connect to other desired service providers' systems. We also set a “go-live” date for the system to be up and running.

Social onboarding ​

Get to know the platform - formal education for admins, tips and tricks, and best practices. All your end-users are invited to a webinar about why and how to use Safeture's app and Web Portal.

Hyper Care​

We’re live! We enter a Hyper Care period - tailored to your level of experience with Duty of Care platforms. We ensure you are comfortable with the Safeture ecosystem and set up regular follow-ups with your dedicated Client Development Team member.

Growth period & Insights

You are now monitoring and introducing new clients, users, and admins. You will be informed of our company- and product updates, new features, and added modules. Your dedicated Client Development Team member will help with your clients’ technical questions. We will also discuss your usage, if we need to broaden the scope or add more stakeholders. We teach you to use analytic data and act according to short-term findings.


Here, we work with the long-term findings from the insights phase. Additionally, we discuss your expanding client base and usage; and, of course, the renewal of the updated contract.

Partner-related questions

Yes, there are. Your organization, business model, and needs should be aligned with one of the three tiers that are described at the top of the page (Referral Partner, Silver Partner, Gold Partner). Please contact us and we can discuss this further.
It depends on the tier – which tier is most suitable for your organization, business model, and needs. Please contact us and we can discuss this further.
Yes. Safeture supports partners with and gathers material that is specifically produced for partners in the Partner Portal. The Partner Portal is accessible to all partners regardless of tier in the Partner Program. Gold partners can find co-branded material in their very own Partner Portal Login.
Safeture works with several different partners, which includes assistance partners both within the security- and medical industries as well as the risk management and/or travel management industry.