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Lower your emergency response time and improve relevancy.

Target the right people, with the right message, at the right time.

This is how Communication works in the Safeture Platform. 

High quality SMS

No more failed message deliveries

Achieve much higher deliverability rates with our smart and patented routing engine for SMS.

Multi-channel communication

Communicate easily regardless of internet connection

Choose if you want to communicate via SMS, chat, or email. Achieve great reliability both during times with or without an internet connection.

multichannel routing

Advanced Filtering

Target the right people

Access a great variety of targeting parameters, including an end user’s map location, users last contact with the app (if they are currently home or traveling) and/or if they have an upcoming travel booking.

Advanced Filtering

Dynamic Filters

Save time adding recipients

Avoid unnecessary work by saving and re-using frequent filtering settings. The Dynamic Filters will reflect up-to-date information and location data, adding people that will fulfil the requirements during that specific point in time.

Dynamic Filters

Messaging Templates

Stop repetitive work

Save valuable time by re-using message settings and content. Build an archive of templates to cover different situations and needs to save time.


Archived Chats & Message Logs

All messaging history at your fingertips

In the message and chat logs, you get full transparency on all past communication in order to review and report on your outreach.

I’m OK button

Quickly ensure your people are OK

For medium and high-risk alerts, an app user can quickly communicate back if they are okay or if they need help. Also, a chat between administrators and users can easily be initiated.

I'm OK button

Custom Alerts

Send customized alerts to your people

Target a specific group of people with a custom alert. Select a category, set a severity degree, create a text message and add advice on how to act.

custom alerts

Interested in getting really technical? Find further details here.

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How Communication works in practice