Safeture branding and Co-branding

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The Importance of the Safeture Brand

How we communicate with our audiences has impact. A strong brand builds trust. It creates understanding and it enhances Safetures reputation. The Safeture brand is made up of two essential parts, our identity and our strategic messaging.

Our identity consists of long-term visual elements including logos and the colors black, blue and green. 

Strategic messaging on the other hand is how we communicate with our audiences, allowing us to speak in one voice. It creates lasting and impactful messaging for partners, clients, investors, future employees and public at large.

Safeture Platform


The logo files linked are high resolution (.svg format) and can be used for both print and digital media. 

Safeture main logo

Safeture main logo (white)

Safeture symbol

Safeture symbol (white)


This is our differents colours of our brand.


At Safeture we use a font family called “Fira Safeture”. To access the fonts, click on the green download button. 


Download a copy of the latest official Power Point templates. The link will take you to the Sharepoint folder where they reside. Remember to save it on you own computer.

Word templates

Download the latest official Word templates. The link will take you to the Sharepoint folder where they reside. Please note: these are non-editable Microsoft Word .dotx templates – a new editable word document will open.

Announcement/message template

Safeture service template

Subscription agreement template

Email signature

Text and digital banner used for email signatures or webpages.

ISO text and disclaimer

Safeture is certified according to ISO 27001:2013

IMPORTANT: The contents of this email and any attachments are confidential. They are intended for the named recipient(s) only. If you have received this email by mistake, please notify the sender immediately and do not disclose the contents to anyone or make copies thereof

Digital logos for email signature

Teams background

Safeture backgrounds for Teams or Computer backgrounds (wallpaper). 

Computer background (wallpaper)

Safeture backgrounds for Teams or Computer backgrounds (wallpaper). 


To be used when explaining in short about Safeture

Safeture official boilerplate (English)

About Safeture AB

Safeture (founded in 2009) is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company based in Sweden. The company offers a complete platform designed to handle safety and risks for employees, wherever they are. Through world-leading technology and innovative solutions, Safeture helps risk management- and assistance providers secure their clients, global companies, and organizations to protect what matters most – their people. The Safeture share is listed on NASDAQ First North Growth Market Stockholm (ticker: SFTR). Redeye is the Certified Adviser.

Safeture official boilerplate (Swedish)

Om Safeture AB

Safeture AB (grundat 2009) är ett SaaS-företag (Software as a Service) baserat i Sverige. Företaget erbjuder en komplett plattform designad för att hantera anställdas säkerhet och risk/krishantering, oavsett var de befinner sig. Genom ledande teknik och innovativa lösningar hjälper Safeture risk- och assistansbolag att se till att deras kunder, globala företag och organisationer över hela världen kan skydda det som är viktigast – sina medarbetare. Safeture-aktien är noterad på Nasdaq First North Growth Market (ticker: SFTR). Redeye är certifierad rådgivare.


There are a few different rollups produced, and they should physically be in the marketing office. To order more or to get a new design for a partner or similar, please contact marketing.  

Safeture Main Rollup

Safeture Partner Rollup

Safeture One Solution Rollup

Guidelines for co-branding


1. An introduction to co-branding Safeture

As a Safeture customer, you play a pivotal role in Safeture’s success and in providing users with innovative technology. Enhance your users’ experience by incorporating Safeture branding elements that simplify their choice of your services with assurance. By adhering to this guide, you will ensure a consistent and valuable brand experience for your users, enabling them to harness the power of advanced technology solutions. 

2. How to use this guide.

This guide is designed for Safeture customers to select the appropriate visual and verbal branding treatments for various branding situations. Branding scenarios encompass co-branded services, campaigns, events, or communications. By identifying your branding scenario and applying the recommended branding treatments, you will effectively convey your proficiency with Safeture and your connection to the brand to your users. 

Please follow these guidelines and contact your Safeture representative for any necessary assistance. 

3. Co-branding

The co-branded treatment is reserved for branding scenarios in which Safeture and customer(s) have shared or equal control over content, message, and/or customer experience, and Safeture has provided written permission to co-brand, either through a logo usage agreement or approval through Safeture’s established process. 

The Safeture co-branding logo will be featured to demonstrate how you work with Safeture. 

If you are working with product branding, incorporate the co-branded logo alongside the product branding. 

If product branding is not applicable, you may use the co-branding logo and your logo. 


4. Determine your scenario and brand treatment 

Branding scenarios are services, campaigns, events, or communications. Determine the brand treatment that best suits your unique marketing scenario. 

Working with the Safeture brand

Safeture logo and co-branding 

When co-branding a product using Safeture technology, you may use the co-branding (“Powered by Safeture”) logo instead of the regular Safeture logo. 


The co-branding logo is provided in two different colors and two alignments (horizontal and vertical). 

Select the logo color based on whether the background is light or dark. 

Use the black logo for light backgrounds and the white logo for dark backgrounds. 

Ensure the contrast value between the background color and the logo is at least 4:5 to comply with WCAG Level A++ accessibility standards. 

Select the alignment variant that corresponds with your use case. 

Minimum size 

The co-branding logo can be scaled up as needed but should never be smaller than the recommended minimum. 


Horizontal variant: 

Minimum height 1 inch / 72 pt 

Vertical variant: 

Minimum height 2 inch / 72 pt 



Horizontal variant: 

Minimum height 24px 

Vertical variant: 

Minimum height 48px 

Clear space 

The minimum clear space around the logo is equal to the height of the logo. 

Precise space requirements are the same for all logo variants and color variations. 

Co-branding of the app

The following items are possible to co-brand in the app:
• Main Logo Image
• Background color of the “Report my Location” area
• Color of the “Report my Location”-button
• Main tab bar menu colors
• Background color of top header
• Text color of top header
• Circle background color of the icons in the more-menu
• Small icon color on the landing page

Not included in co-branding:
• Icon design
• Main tab bar Emergency button color
• Changing fonts
• Login and registration pages
• Activity Spinners
• Button outlining colors
• Option Switch colors
• Alert severity definition color
• Threat Assessment grading colors
• eLearning
• SMS, Push and Email send-outs
• Shared Alert web Page

Information sheets

Co-branding cover image DE - Safeture

Co-branding sheet (German)

For potential partners: An information sheet about our co-branding possibilities. This material can be sent to external parties. It can also be found on our website under “Become a partner”.
Co-branding cover image ENG - Safeture

Co-branding sheet (English)

For potential partners: An information sheet about the co-branding possibilities. This material can be sent externally to for example partners. You can also find it on our website under “Become a partner”.

Template Co-branded Company Brief

For goldpartners to add their information. This is a dummy to show how a gold partner can co-brand the Safeture company brief and add their content and logo.

Marketing guidelines for Partners

For existing partners: a guide produced for our partners containing tips and recommendations for how to conduct marketing.