How do you protect customer privacy? 

Safeture meets the stringent requirements in accordance with GDPR and adheres to the strict regulations covering information access and IT security.

At the core of the Safeture concept is the idea of protecting the end user’s privacy. The app user can easily disable all services, including positioning capabilities. The app user may also set positioning precision to a country level, which means that the app will only report which general country or region the user is located in, keeping the user’s location more private. Furthermore, the Risk Manager responsible for the overviewing system at a company or organization can only expose the last known position and not historic positioning information. The technology is tailored in such a way that the end-user is always in control of his or her privacy. Safeture is based in Sweden, a country that has a long history of protecting the privacy and rights of employees. Safeture is required by law to provide any end-user with information on all data stored related to him/her. The deletion of any data related to an individual or organization will be done upon request to