Who can see the location of an end-user in the system?

  • Safeture: Only a few selected Safeture employees have full access to the location data when needed for technical development and support issues. The only government authority that may access the data is the Swedish police authority which requires a legal warrant from the Swedish justice system. Safeture keeps strict rules around information access and advanced levels of IT security protection, requiring that each access to the data is logged in an audit log for misuse inspection. Click on the button to read more about Safeture’s Data Protection Measures.
  • The Employer: Access to the location data is only given to the employer related to the Subscription ID/reference. The employer can only view their own employees and can decide who/whom within the organization will have access to this data. Safeture will not be responsible for any employer’s internal process, which should be controlled and managed by the employer regarding the data accessible through the system. Note that the Employer is the data controller and has the legal right to access all employee’s personal data depending on the privacy agreement between the employee and the employer.