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Total Intelligence Platform Services

Our Total Intelligence Platform Services (TIPS) is fed by automated trawls through the vast swathes of open source data, from traditional news sources to social networks and the blogosphere, and turns this into structured intelligence using both insight from our expert analysts and computer-led algorithms. TIPS gives businesses timely and predictive intelligence, allowing developments to be identified and managed before they become a threat to business operations or objectives.

TIPS is underpinned by enterprise intelligence software, which collects data relevant to our clients’ information requirements on an autonomous and continual basis. Collated data is combined with any ‘closed source’ intelligence, creating an extensive knowledge base with a single point of access.

This data is refined and analysed, de-duplicating results and assessing their importance and relevance to our clients’ information requirements. The resulting structured intelligence is analysed within the platform, picking out trends within metadata and highlighting key associated concepts and phrases, which can then be displayed visually on a dashboard.

The resulting intelligence can be delivered in a number of ways, including:

  • Daily, weekly or monthly email newsletters
  • Weekly, monthly or quarterly reports
  • Bespoke intelligence dashboards, accessible to the client via an online portal and with interactive capability

Asset Protection & Tracing

Where a company’s corporate assets have not been adequately protected, the impact on a business can be extremely rapid, whether this is a criminal aspect, a financial impact or resulting brand or reputational company damage – the media reaction and, therefore, its impact is fast and, in many respects, uncontrollable – that’s why our emphasis at The Inkerman Group is to concentrate on delivering preventative measures to clients, whilst able to deliver the required contingency actions should such events occur. The Inkerman Group has been developing asset protection programmes for many years, assisting and working with clients in multiple business sectors and utilising highly experienced and focused personnel delivering initiatives which have addressed the need to protect corporate assets such as:

  • Premises
  • Company sites and locations
  • Personnel
  • Brand and reputation
  • Corporate infrastructure


The Inkerman Group offers a wide range of services supporting organisations in tackling serious incidents whether Internationally or in the UK. We employ professionals from specialist law enforcement backgrounds with expertise in both covert and overt investigations and intelligence operations; combining real-world experience with commercial exposure to secure the best outcome for each client.

Our team has extensive experience in tackling the most serious and high risk complex and organised crime including threat to life, bribery and corruption, fraud and extortion; and volume crime such as theft, deception and work-based violence.

Working closely with Research and Corporate Intelligence colleagues, we combine our expertise of threat, risk and harm assessments with geopolitical risk, research and environmental scanning intelligence products, together with broader market trends. This enables us to maximise actionable intelligence in investigative settings to achieve successful outcomes for clients.

We work closely with clients to provide real-time updates and support decision-making in what can be dynamic, fast paced situations. We know that no two cases are the same. The specialist but diverse backgrounds of our highly qualified, trained and skilled professionals mean we are best placed to support clients with bespoke services for their solutions. Working with counsel, coupled with our investigative experience, enables us to present our findings to evidential standard.

Services include:

  • Corporate Investigation
  • Product Contamination
  • Supply Chain Investigations
  • Logistics Auditing and Compliance
  • Loss Prevention
  • Asset Tracking and Tracing
  • Security Audits
  • Threat and Risk Assessments
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Corporate Policy Supply and Reviews
  • Prevention and Preparedness Training

About Inkerman

The Inkerman Group is a specialist business risk, intelligence management and investigation company. It provides a wide range of services and works with clients to counter or mitigate threats to their organisations.

The Inkerman Group is a global business and international in scope, with the capability to deliver anywhere throughout the world and in rapid response times. Its client base includes multinational corporations, companies, governments and private individuals for which the company provides the full range of security and intelligence services.

Based in London, Kent, and Dusseldorf, Germany, The Inkerman Group consists of professional and highly experienced staff with a wide range of expertise from military, government service, police and business backgrounds.

Visit the company’s website for more information about The Inkerman Group.

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