Usage statistics


The fourth analytics category is called Usage and contains data on the frequency and type of platform usage among users of both the Safeture Mobile Application and Web Portal.

The usage category contains the following tabs:

  1. App Usage
  2. App Installations
  3. User App Devices
  4. Current Users with App And Location Settings
  5. Admin Sessions

App Usage

The App Usage tab contains data on what app content is the most relevant to users and how much they use the Safeture Mobile Application overall.


The App Usage data view contains the following KPIs to give you a complete picture of how and to what extent the end-users are using the Safeture mobile application:

  • Sessions: Number of sessions with the app. A session is defined as the series of actions performed in a row during a login. If the user is inactive for over 10 minutes, the session is seen as over.
  • Actions: Number of interactions in the app. An interaction might be a button being clicked, an alert being read, etcetera.
  • Actions per Session: Average number of actions per session.
  • Average Session Duration (sec): The average amount of time, measured in seconds, spent interacting with the app per session.
  • Users: Number of unique users that have been using the app for the selected time period. Multiple sessions by the same user will still only show the number 1 here.
  • I’m OKs: The number of times that users have marked for an alert that they are OK.
  • Read Alerts: The number of times that alerts have been read.
  • Manually Reported Locations: Number of times that users have pressed the check-in button in the app.


Average Usage by Day

The average app usage by day consists of two charts:

  • Average Sessions: The green bar chart at the top presents the average number of sessions that has been performed for the selected time interval and users. Each bar reflects a weekday. You can hover over a bar to see the trends in usage.
  • Average Unique Users: The blue chart below shows you the average number unique number of users per weekday. If a user logs in to the platform multiple times during a day, they will only be registered once in the statistics of unique users. Just like the chart for average sessions, you can see the absolute number of sessions per day and trend when hovering over a bar.

Clicks per Type

Clicks per Type is a chart whose purpose is to give you a better understanding for what kind of content is used in the Safeture app. The bars represent a content category and when hovering over one of them you can see the exact number of clicks for that content category.

If the frequency and type of usage of the mobile app are not aligned with what you intend for your organization, you can detect that with this graph and take action to encourage a different usage.

Sessions per Location

This map view illustrates where the users are located when using the Safeture app. Hover over a country to see the total number of app sessions performed in that country for the selected time interval.

App Installations

App Installations is the second tab of the Usage Analytics category, and it shows you details about how many and where in the world your people have downloaded the Safeture app. With these insights, you can take action to motivate a higher degree of app activation and see the result of such measures.


Users with Installed App

The number of users who have installed the Safeture mobile application and have activated the service. Are you experiencing low installation numbers? Please share some guides to help your people get up and running in the app: Get started with the Safeture app.


Installation History

The Installation History consists of three different charts:

  • Installations: The green chart at the top contains data on how many app installations your users perform. When hovering over a bar, you will see data for all three charts for that specific quarter.
  • Deletions: The bars in the red bar chart represent the number of deletions, i.e., the number of actions where a user has deleted the Safeture app or deletions due to inactivity.
  • Net Installations: The orange bar chart shows the net installations, i.e. the total number of installations minus the deletions.

Installations by Country

This map view shows the same type of data as in the Installation history chart but adds the geographical element to the data as well. It lets you see how the installation rates vary for different countries.

Number of Apps

This chart is located at the bottom-right corner of the interface and illustrates the changes in the total number of active apps. When hovering over a bar in the chart, you will see the exact number for that month.

Current users with app and location settings

This tab lets you identify the number of users with the Safeture mobile application as well as the share of users who have chosen a specific privacy setting – which further decides their location accuracy. This information is also plotted out on a map to show the information in a geographical context.


  • Region/State Location: Users with privacy settings or location data that provide information on the region or state of the location. See both the total number and percentage, of users with this privacy setting.
  • City Location: Users with privacy settings or location data that only provide information on city of the location. See both the total number, and percentage, of users with this privacy setting.
  • Exact Location: Users with privacy settings or location data that provides the exact location. See both the total number, and percentage, of users with this privacy setting.
  • Users with the app installed: Total number of users with the Safeture app installed on their phone.

Note: There are many benefits for both the end-user and the Admin when an end-user has exact location activated in the app. With an exact location, the end-user will get more relevant alerts based on where they are located, and the Admin user can prioritize better and focus on the right users exposed to actual risks. With the data in this part of the Analytics Module, you can see the share of users who are sending their exact location to the system and analyze if there is a need for measures to increase the share. to see a guide on how to edit the privacy settings in the Safeture app.

Map of the last reported locations

Here you will find details about the number of unique users located in a specific country. The user location represents the latest reported location.

If you click on a country in the map, the KPIs at the top will reflect that choice and only show data for that country. By doing so, you can see what privacy settings the users have chosen in the Safeture app, for that selected country.

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