Safeture and SPS Partnership

Solution in action

For a complete managed service, clients are introduced to SPS’s Global Response Centre (GRC) during the implementation phase. As a highly experienced evacuation provider, the GRC is well-versed in supporting staff members who are caught up in various incidents.

The GRC is manned 24hrs a day by a team of industry professionals, who are trained to provide incident management ranging from wild elephant attacks to suspect packages being delivered to offices. The GRC will monitor the Safeture Platform on your behalf, distribute any mass communications, communicate and provide advice to travelers, and if required provide physical security or medical responses, all while working as an extension of your team.

Pro-Active Monitoring

When Safeture publishes a High-Risk Alert the Safeture technology pushes the alert to affected travelers via SMS, email, and in-app. The GRC will also contact travelers who are in close proximity to the incident to check if they need assistance and offer advice.

Incident Management

The golden hour is often used in medical cases, however the same applies to any type of incident, the advice received and how someone is guided through that incident could not only save lives but also protect the brand and reputation of the company. SPS incident management service is inclusive of the Safeture Platform Monitoring. Anyone reporting an incident will be guided through the incident to a successful outcome, this could be anything from an incident involving workplace violence to a flood, obviously, normal traveler-type scenarios are included like car crashes, robberies, among others. Throughout the management of the incident, SPS will keep all stakeholders updated.

Global Evacuation and Support

SPS is providing security and medical evacuations, repatriations, and physical support services on a global basis. Clients can be supported on an ad-hoc basis or they can purchase a membership at the start of the contract that covers the cost of the physical evacuations, be it via private aircraft or ground transport.

Traveler Consults

Travelers can now enjoy direct access to medical and security professionals within the GRC, for consultations on any travel concerns or country information.

Virtual Crisis Room

The average critical incident costs a company over 300,000 USD how the crisis is managed is key to reducing loss. We offer a virtual crisis room where the crisis can be reported, categorized, and published to the respective Crisis Management Team (CMT). We then have the option of assembling the CMT in a meeting, where we will assist in acting as an external security subject matter expert.

Partner: SPS (Special Projects and Services Ltd)

Industry: Security and Risk Management. Evacuation response.

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