Scheduled Check-ins

Mitigate risks and maintain peace of mind with a single add-on

Are your people working in insecure or high-risk areas? With the Safeture scheduled check-in you have complete control of when your people have to check-in from their Safeture mobile app. Get notified immediately when a scheduled check-in is missed and take action straight from your Safeture Dashboard.


  • The admin selects who and when to do the check-ins, the system will notify end-users of an upcoming check-in, and a missed check-in will trigger alerts to selected administrators
  • The end-user needs to activate the “Check in button”.
  • When a check-in deadline is due by one or several users, the system will trigger notifications to alarm the administrators about the situation. A separate widget will appear in the Web Portal.
  • The module can be reached from the Überblick über die Sicherheit in the Web Portal.
  • This functionality is an add-on to the standard Web Portal.

Safeture Security Overview Dashboard

The users with a missed Check-in will be highlighted on the Security Overview with an orange icon.

Email Notifications

A missed check-in triggers an email notification sent to the admin.

Safeture mobile application: Check-in button

The end-user needs to activate the “Check-in button“.

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