This is what people say will boost their confidence to travel.

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As travel opens up around the globe there are still a lot of uncertainties and fears for travelers. Amadeus, a global travel technology company has over the past 12 months commissioned three global travel surveys, and they all point out that travel risk management technology will boost confidence to travel again.

The survey puts together responses gathered the first two weeks of September from 1,000 travelers in each of nine markets – France, Germany, India, Russia, Singapore, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States – who have traveled in the last 18 months.

44% responded that a mobile application that provides on-trip notifications and alerts will help boost their confidence.

One of the key findings from the report is that technology and innovation will be key in building traveler confidence and the recovery of the industry, clearly demonstrated by the fact that only 3% of respondents said that no technology would increase their confidence to travel.

With the Safeture mobile application, travelers can get access to just that, and a whole lot more. We believe that having on-trip notifications is important and it is therefore a central part of our offering. However, there is a lot more to travel risk management than that. 

The Safeture Platform enables you to proactively manage risk by getting notified of changed risk levels and seeing what future trips are affected. Our risk intelligence module contains a heavy database of country information that lets you stay up-to-date on travel regulations around visas, covid-19 rules, cultural information, medical providers and much more. Before a trip, you get automated pre-trip information, notifications and alerts so that you will arrive better informed by default.

What about when something actually happens when you are out traveling? With one click on the emergency button, your assistance provider and the platform admin get informed about the incident together with the exact coordinates of your location.

With a strong sign from travelers that technology is crucial to boost confidence to start traveling again, now is the time to invest in what actually matters to people.

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