Enhanced Privacy Filtering

Balance the needs for accurate positioning, relevant alerts and end-user privacy.

With the introduction of Enhanced Privacy Filtering, the user is no longer limited to only choosing between country-level or exact locations in their Privacy Settings. Instead, they can specify to either city or region/state and thereby get a more personalized user experience. This setting also enables the user to receive relevant alerts based on their current location, resolving the issue of irrelevant alerts and information.


  • By choosing the city level, the end-user location will be anonymized to a 20 x 20 km squared area.
  • The region /state setting will show only what subregion the user is currently located within. Thereby, no exact GPS coordinates will be given. The list of subregions in the platform follows the ISO-3166-2 standard.
  • To make admins aware of end-users without an up-to-date location report, those users are now represented by a striped icon. By default, the icon becomes striped after 24 hours, but that setting can easily be changed by the admin.

Learn more about how Safeture can balance users’ privacy and simultaneously keep them safe based on personal data in this whitepaper:

Privacy Settings for end-user

The end-user can easily set their own privacy level in the Safeture app.

Admin’s Security Overview

Switching the privacy levels in the app will affect the map icons in the Security Overview once the next app location report has been sent.

Set your own location accuracy in the privacy settings*:

  • Exact
  • City
  • Region / State
  • Country

Location based alerts

Receive alerts relevant to you based on your current location.

Get a better overview of your peoples’ locations as an admin.

*The available privacy levels can be configured on an account level, catering to each organization’s requirements.

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