What is the size and growth potential of Safeture’s market, and how does Safeture plan to capture market share? 

Our key growth targets are defined by how much Safeture’s revenue increases in relation to TAM (Total Available Market) and SAM (Serviceable Available Market) and our total market share.

In a growing market for people risk management, Safeture should be a driver with a realistic growth target.

Today, we reach around half a million users through our partnerships and direct customers. We see an opportunity for a significant increase with an interim target of 12 million through new and existing partners with a rapidly growing servable addressable market (SAM) of 58 million users. The reason for this optimism is that our existing assistance companies and upcoming partners are expanding their market by offering assistance coverage to a larger share of employees, not only frequent travelers and top management.

The issue of people risk management is increasingly important in many companies and will in the future be one of the highest priorities, in our view.