What methods for adding travel data do you support?

You can import your travel data into the Safeture Platform in three different ways: through an integration with your TMC, email parsing, or manual input in the Web Portal.

1. Travel Data Integration
Travel booking information is a key component of the Safeture offering. We integrate with all Travel Management Companies (TMCs) and Global Distribution Systems (GDSs), so Safeture can automatically import all travel booking data. During the onboarding process, Safeture will contact your travel providers and arrange for a connection between the travel providers and Safeture. Safeture has connections to all GDS providers and TMCs.

2. Análisis de Correos Electrónicos
Safeture also provides an option to integrate travel booking data by sending booking confirmations to a dedicated email address. These emails will automatically be parsed to retrieve both booking information and traveler data, which the system will connect to existing end-users. This feature gives both end-users and TMC the ability to integrate booking data into the Safeture Platform without any major integration work. 

3. Manually add a PNR in the Web Portal
A third way to import your travel bookings to the Safeture Platform is through manual input. This is done by clicking “add PNR” in the Travel Data Module, which will take you to a page where you can enter the booking reference number, additional travel information, and even other travelers for the trip. The user interface for adding manual PNRs consists of a three-step setup process. Note: The function is available for Administrators only.