New Analytics Module

Data insights – bridging the gap between ineffective and optimized risk management.

Being the tech provider in an ecosystem of risk management, we at Safeture have set out to strengthen our partners’ ability to help their customers with data insights. Our new Analytics module in the Safeture platform accumulates data regarding a customer’s travel patterns, threat exposure, emergency response, and platform usage. This is possible through integrations from
several different data sources, reducing the need for manual work.

Improve business intelligence and identify trends with data insights:

Identify gold in an analytics tool with access to the latest data metrics.

The data in the Analytics Module is divided into the following categories:


Avoid risk by identifying vulnerabilities
based on past alerts.


Measure and review your emergency


Understand your organization’s travel


Understand how the platform is used.

Analytics does not only convey data about travel insights. It is also possible to create a deeper understanding of a customer’s threat exposure, its emergency response behavior and the customer’s usage of the platform. All four tabs with associated KPIs and information graphics add to an overall picture of a customer’s risk management.

Building stronger relationships and a better understanding of risk management

Analytics contributes to improved business intelligence for both Safeture partners’ and associated customers. It is a vital basis for better comprehension of current behavioral patterns, allowing Safeture’s partners and their customers to be proactive rather than just reactive.

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