New Messaging Module

Introducing a completely new Messaging Module that takes your mass communication to the next level.

When an incident occurs, time is precious. Therefore, we have put usability at focus for you to quickly get your message through to the right group of people. 

In the Web Portal, we have added four new submenus to the messaging module for you to immediately get started with your desired action.


Improved ways to add recipients

1. Quick Add

Add the right recipients – through quick add or advanced filtering. The new search bar lets you search for the right employee, group, facility, or other recipient(s).

2. Advanced Filtering

If desired, you can also use the advanced filtering that lets you select multiple people at the same time, with a shared parameter – such as a country, an upcoming travel booking to a specific airport at a specific time, etc. You can narrow down the filtering as much as you like and can also add multiple filters for the same message.

Note: If you select multiple parameters in the same filter, the recipients need to share all parameters to be added. If that is not desired, you can add each parameter in a separate filter. 

The Polygon Tool that lets you select recipients on the map in the Security Overview is also embedded in the advanced filtering:

Sending Options

You can quickly set your sending options based on the type of message you are sending:

  • Include as SMS: Enables you to send the message via SMS in addition to email.
  • High Quality SMS: If this is enabled, the advanced SMS routing engine will be used, meaning that if the system detects problems during sending, alternative routes and up to 50 send re-tries will be done to achieve the highest deliverability as possible*
  • Include “Are you OK” request:  Enabling this will provide the chat recipient with an option to mark if they are OK.
  • Allow users to see each other’s messages: Enabling this will make the chat fully transparent for all participants and everyone will see all communication. Disabling this and only the administrator will see any communication from the recipients.

* Depending on your agreement, this option might incur an extra cost per SMS sent. If this is disabled, the system will choose a less advanced SMS route and there will be no send retries upon failed deliveries.

Sending Options

New template system

Save message settings and dynamic filters for next time. The new template system offers support for storing your own pre-used filters for recipients, message options, and message content so that you will not have to repeat the process next time you want to mass communicate to the same group.

Message Log

Follow-up on incidents is an important part of crisis management. The message log contains information on all messages that have been sent through either email or SMS and their send state (if they were delivered successfully or not). The Message Log contains one-way messages.



In the submenu called chats, you find all chats – both ongoing and archived ones. There you can see how many responded they are OK and initiate a new chat with the ones that are not. If you as an Admin choose to archive a chat it will not be possible to send any messages through it and it will be deleted for the App User.

For more information contact our Client Development Team:

Watch the video to see the Messaging Module in action!

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