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About Falck

Established in 1906, Falck Global Assistance, part of the Falck Group, assists people in need. The global assistance branch is a division that is oriented towards travelers, expats, and leisure travelers. They are ready to support any kind of security, medical, or travel monitoring support when needed. Falck focuses on enabling the easiest access to assistance if someone were to fall ill while abroad. This is done with a click of a button, by one point of contact, to their emergency response center.


In 2017, Safeture and Falck Global Assistance joined forces to work together on a customer proposal when a potential client expressed their needs for both services. Together, we tailored a solution covering all the client’s needs, ranging from software platform to assistance services. It was important to keep a professional, easy-going dialogue with customer satisfaction in focus. The goal was to make the proposal easy to understand and act on, and this has resulted in a long and successful partnership.


One of the main challenges we faced was creating a reliable, scalable technology platform to enable friction-free growth for partners and their clients. We knew the platform must be intuitive, making it easy for the end-user. It needed to be compliant with all regulations in terms of privacy and data protection laws. In addition, the platform must cater the Emergency Response Center with an overview of all incidents. Thus, enabling proactive outreach to people potentially at risk.


Together we created an innovative Travel Risk Management concept with a unique Duty of Care solution. We combined these with 24/7 emergency monitoring and outreach providing users with a 360-degree approach to employee safety that’s accessible through the app and web portal.

The app comes fully loaded with all the information you need such as alerts, pre-trip alerts, country information, travel bookings and the all-important pre-programmed emergency button. The app gives users the fastest way to get assistance from Falck when needed. No more saving contact details or carrying around assistance cards.

When speaking to Pia Kehler at Falck Global Assistance, she emphasized the old saying that you should let the “tech guys” take care of the software, so that you can focus on your own core business.

One of the highlights of our partnership is the joint learning session we have towards our clients; this provides a great open forum to catch any questions and results in even faster onboarding. That, the transparency, and clear product road map between Safeture and us make the Implementation easy and comes with great benefits to our clients. Coupled with the easiness of the platform makes it intuitive and easy to work with, which gives us more opportunities to do even better for our clients.

We want to thrive at what we are best at, to do so we need to partner up with those who are the best in their field. Therefore, we choose to work with Safeture.” Kehler comments.

With Falck Global Assistance’s excellent assistance services and our innovative, user-friendly solution, we can proudly say that Falck’s customers are among the safest out there. Getting it right the first time is no easy task, knowing what to look for is a job on its own. Below are some pointers so you know exactly what to look for.

What to look for when choosing the right platform:

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Falck Global Assistance delivers a range of customized services from all of Falck Group’s various areas. Falck Group operates in 35 countries, has more than 32,000 employees, and is the largest rescue company in the world.

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Safeture (founded in 2009) is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company based in Sweden. The company offers a complete platform designed to manage employee safety and risk/crisis management.

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