Safeture® is a complete cloud-based service managing employee risk, safety and crisis processes

Safeguarding your employees and securing your business

The safety of your employees is always of the most importance. Safeture’s platform is the optimal tool to always be up to date on the security situation for individuals and facilities.

How and where we work has changed rapidly with employees spread out in many different locations like at home, a café, or a client’s office.
If something serious happens, Safeture gives you an overview of the incident and which employees and facilities could be impacted, assisting you in making the right decisions and enabling you to provide support faster.

Safeture helps you protect your company’s most valuable asset – your employees!

Our analysts all over the world ensure that you
receive accurate information about what has
happened and what needs to be done. To have
this knowledge at hand makes a huge difference, your employees can feel safe and know that help is always close.

Safeture is a modern SaaS (Software as a Service) company, our secure platform provides a subscription-based cloud service with constantly updated functionality and a 24/7 support team available for our customers.

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Discover the best tool on the market to protect your employees

• Employee communication, information, and location in one open platform
• Real-time overview of incidents
• Secure your Duty of Care compliance

Communication, Information and Location – an empowering solution

Safeture’s platform ensures that reliable information can be communicated to the right people. Our three cornerstones help you as an employer to protect your most important assets – your employees.


Create secure communication

With our patented technology you can easily communicate with employees and facilities with the highest accuracy and security, no matter where they are.

Be updated with correct information

Get relevant information about what has happened and advice on how to act. Carefully researched and vetted information in the Safeture platform is an indispensable tool for acting to protect lives.

Find out where everyone is

Save crucial time by locating your employees instantly and get an overview of your organization’s global operations. Safeture’s platform delivers real-time alerts based on actual location.

A mission to create a safer future through technology

Safeture was founded in 2009 by Professor of Medicine and entrepreneur Lars Lidgren after firsthand disaster relief experience in the SARS epidemic, Indian Ocean tsunami, and Mumbai terror attacks.
Realizing the importance of vital information reaching anyone affected by an incident immediately, a unique new platform for employee safety was created with the help of world-leading technology and several important patents.
Today more than 3 500 companies worldwide streamline their employee safety management with the Safeture platform.

Safeture has offices in Sweden (HQ), Austria, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Germany and Brazil. The company is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market, Stockholm.

Introduction to Safeture

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