How to make onboarding of employees silky smooth​

“Since we implemented Single Sign-On, and later Mobile Device Management, we have significantly reduced time to onboard existing and new employees to Safeture. I cannot even think of going back and not use SSO & MDM. This makes it so easy both for employees and admins. A fantastic low cost, low effort but high return solution.”

– Mark, Security Manager

You might be familiar with the hard work of getting your employees to sign up and use a newly bought-in solution. Setting up users, sending emails, reminding employees to log in: the list is long. It often requires a lot of emails, manual labour, and persistence to get everybody on board.

As a company manager, when you decide on a new tool or software, the onboarding of employees should be hassle-free and as easy as possible. Thanks to our commitment to People Risk Management for everyone, we make it possible for companies to use the advantages of Single Sign-On and Mobile Device Management.

Recently one of our clients within the tech industry reached out to us to find a better solution for getting their people signed up with the Safeture app. The security manager of the company approached us with two concerns:

  1. How can we make it easy for existing and new employees to log in?
  2. How do we manage the security regarding log-in credentials and enforce factor authentications and other security features?

At Safeture, we strive to make it easy for our customers and their employees, so when we got the questions, we immediately had the answers and the perfect solution for them. The keys are Single Sign-On and Mobile Device Management.

Single Sign-On means that you use your existing company user log-in credentials to external platforms like Safeture. This makes the log-in experience silky smooth for all employees. They simply use their existing company username and password to log in to Safeture, and the username can even be pre-populated for an even smoother log-in process.

The cherry on top is that from the security aspect, your company can enforce the use of 2Factor or VPN, and also, all of the user credentials are owned and controlled by users themselves. This means that Safeture is never involved with passwords and usernames – great right, the highest level of security, and the smartest way to onboard all employees.

So, this is all excellent news. But what about new employees that haven’t started yet? Can we make it even smoother for those?

Yes! If you have a Mobile Device Management tool in place within your organization, we support this too! Meaning that you can pre-install the Safeture app, force updates, pre-populate user information, and centralize all administration.

Tell us your needs and we have the solution for you!

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