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Automate alerts based on the location of your company facilities.

Notify all the people at the facility of the incident and confirm their status.

Here’s how you can protect your facilities and the people working there. 

Static Locations

Information about incidents near your facilities

Get automatic alerts based on the location of your organization’s facilities, such as offices, factories, and warehouses. If an incident occurs nearby, instantly mass-communicate with all the people working there.

Facility Tags

Organize your list of facilities with tags

The facility tags let you structure and target all facilities in a certain country, using the same or any other distinguisher you’d like to use.

Facility Tags

Facility Contacts

All you need is a phone number or email address

Quickly mass-communicate with all facility contacts connected to the same office, warehouse, or factory. For facility contacts, a phone number or email address is all you need to communicate. Distinguish managers or certain departments to target specifically.

Facility contact

Management Roles

Define and target managers

Do you only want to reach the management team? Select the management box for those facility contacts.


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