What is Safeture’s mission?

Safeture is a Swedish SaaS company specializing in innovative technical solutions for a partner working in the field of medical or security assistance and running their own GSOC (Global Security Operations Centers). Safeture provides the tech and helps the partner to focus on their core business: to handle safety and risk management for the clients. 

Safeture’s world-leading platform helps our partners save time and money in their business solutions. 

Safeture’s mission is to build strong relationships with partners and enable them to enhance personal safety and security for individuals, businesses, and organizations. Our primary focus is leveraging technology to provide our partners with a decision tool for information, communication, and locations to help their clients people stay safe and make informed decisions. 

Safeture’s financial goal is to grow with both existing partners and new partners by focusing on developing what the market needs and effectively utilizing our own resources. 

People risk management 

The Safeture user-friendly platform helps our partners to improve any organization’s security by correlating risk and location data for informed decisions and targeted communication and protecting what matters the most: Their people.  

Safeture helps partners prioritize the safety of individuals by offering features like location tracking, emergency alerts, and communication tools that allow users to reach out for help or assistance when needed quickly.