Evacuation from Baghdad

Finnish Immigration Service: Evacuation from Baghdad

Vue d'ensemble 

December 2019: Representatives from the authority, including embassy staff, traveled to a high-risk area in Baghdad, Iraq. Upon landing, they received the first push notification from Safeture telling them that there had been missile strikes near the airport where the group had just arrived. With the help of this important information, the security personnel and the entire team were able to immediately start reassessing their course, plan for alternative routes, and evaluate whether they should stay or immediately return home to avoid any risk regarding their safety.

Long before departure, the group had reviewed Iraq and the current security situation and had conducted a thorough risk analysis with the help of Safeture. This was key to preparing the group for any action that would be needed to take once they arrived. However, when a serious incident occurs, the people responsible have to rethink and revise their route to minimize risks and serious consequences for everyone involved.


After careful consideration and analyzing the situation, the group decided to stay for the evening. Meanwhile, the responsible security team continuously monitored what was happening on a minute-by-minute basis via alerts and push notifications from Safeture. When a second attack hit Baghdad the same evening, the team decided to evacuate the area and, as quickly as possible, fly out of Iraq.

With the rapid alerts and vetted information from Safeture, the team was able to make the right decisions. At the time of the incident, the local news outlets and security personnel were unaware of all the details, but with the help and in-depth information from Safeture they were able to act accordingly without wasting time or putting lives at risk.

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