What ways are there to invite users to the platform?

You can invite users to the Safeture Platform in different ways:

1. Manual import: in the Users Module by clicking “Invite Users” and following the process.

2. Spreadsheet import: in the Users Module by clicking “Import users from spreadsheet”. You also find an in-app guide taking you through the steps of inviting users via the Help Center when clicking the green question mark icon at the bottom-left corner of the Web Portal. Click on the button for a guide for both manual and spreadsheet import:

3. Subscription ID: Safeture also supports registration through a Subscription ID. To use this method, simply send an email to all users you wish to invite, asking them to install the app, and include the Subscription ID to be used to get access.

4. HR-sync: Safeture offers the possibility to integrate Safeture with your HR database. You can access user data in Safeture from your current HR database through a two-way integration. Please contact the Client Development Team at clientdevelopment@safeture.com.