Could you describe the industries or sectors you primarily serve? 

A prerequisite for our continued success is that we establish collaborations with partners that allow us to grow. This means that we carefully analyze each opportunity for a new collaboration and the development potential of the potential partner. This may include which markets the partner works in and the size of this, the type of customers they serve, their technological maturity, what their business solution looks like and their ability to manage their customers’ needs.

It is important to find partners who are dedicated to selling their assistance together with Safeture’s technical solution.

We work primarily with partners with a GSOC (Global Security Operation Center) and are involved in medical or security assistance. Together with our partner, we can offer customers a complete solution for managing their people.

Our partners’ customers are usually larger global companies, both service and manufacturing, with operations in several countries. They have identified a need to protect their employees wherever they are and are well aware of the Duty of Care regulations.

Customers also include authorities and organizations that also work in many countries.