What is an emergency contact point for travelers, and how does it work during an incident? (7.4.12)

The Safeture platform provides an extensive solution for travelers reaching incident and emergency contact points. 

The Safeture App will automatically provide relevant contact numbers, actual locations, and/or which part of the organization the traveler belongs to. These contacts are fully configurable. The solution also has automated backup communications over SMS in case the mobile network is overloaded or has poor sound quality. 

The Safeture platform allows direct integration with the contacts points case management system, allowing the assistance operator to immediately access vital information such as identity of the caller, location of the caller, department, phone number, etc. The solution allows the operator to initiate processes to reach the caller in case the phone call is disconnected or cannot be connected at all. 

If an organization wishes to be compliant with the ISO31030 Travel Risk Management standard, then a Safeture-like system is a necessity to be able to realistically fulfill the standard. A platform like Safeture automates many of the required tasks of the ISO31030 standard that would be too expensive and cumbersome to do manually.