What is the overall awareness of the product globally? 

There are big differences in the world in terms of security and protecting employees.

In countries such as the US and much of Europe, there is a long history of clear security thinking with developed procedures for company operations and staff.

Changes in working methods during the pandemic created an increased need to be able to contact, inform, and locate employees even when they were not working in the office. Also, after the pandemic, remote work is common, which requires effective technical solutions for employee safety.

A series of ongoing unrest in the world affects the need to make correct decisions quickly and get a swift overview of what is happening. At the same time, employees are increasingly demanding access to functioning safety nets when working outside the office.

In the future, an employer who does not have an elaborate solution for duty of care may find it challenging to attract qualified workers.

In addition, there is an increasingly comprehensive legal system to protect employees regardless of their location.

Awareness of Safeture among our target groups is good. Despite being a small company compared to many others, we have positioned our technical solution as the best on the market.

This is reflected in recurring inquiries from large international companies through our strong partners.