Managing and tracking people during crisis response


A multinational emergency management corporation that specializes in providing crisis response services to various industries and governments. Their expertise and experience in crisis management were far-reaching, and they had a team of highly trained professionals who were ready to respond to any type of crisis, ranging from natural disasters to security breaches. 


However, as the organization continued to grow, it realized that managing and tracking people safety and security protocols were becoming increasingly challenging. With an ever-growing list of clients and a broader range of operations, the situation quickly demanded a new solution.  


To address this issue, the company decided to implement a new system and platform for managing and tracking safety and security. It had to be designed to automatically track the whereabouts and actions of their clients’ people in real-time, and provide reliable communication and alerts to managers/response centers if anyone needed assistance. In addition, the system had to have a versatile mobile app that was easy to use and accessible from any device, giving the employees easy access to information and being able to report their status, even during the most challenging of crisis situations. Furthermore, the system was supposed to be able to integrate the organization’s existing and upcoming data providers, such as Risk Intelligence, Travel Data, and HR, etc. to provide their operatives with a complete picture during a crisis response. 

Another important aspect of the system’s capabilities was its ability to maintain the confidentiality of employee information to comply with the company’s recent legal compliance work. The company was aware of the potential privacy risks and took great care to ensure choosing a system that was designed with privacy in mind. The system had to have a clear user role structure keeping personal data to authorized personnel only. The data, as well as the communication, had to be integrated and encrypted.

The above transparency towards employees paired with privacy toggles and settings for the individual user on app-level made sure the employee, employer and contractor followed all legal regulations which gave the end-users confidence in how their personal data was handled

During a recent natural disaster response, the newly implemented system was put to the test, and it quickly became the cornerstone of the company’s response efforts. The combination of end-user privacy confidence and real-time updates on employee status gave critical information to senior management, allowing them to make informed decisions about the response efforts for the affected clients.   


The implementation was a success, and the organization received positive feedback from both their own operators and their clients. The implemented system gave the clients reassurance that their needs for ensuring the highest level of safety for their people, even during a crisis, were assured.

  • Praised for easy usability by operators. 
  • Highest level of perceived people safety and security for end clients. 
  • Scalable platform facilitating rapid growth. 

In conclusion, they were able to overcome the challenges by facilitating their rapid growth together with managing and tracking employee safety and security protocols. It greatly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of their crisis response efforts and helped to ensure the safety and well-being of their clients’ people.  

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