Partner Dashboard

With the Safeture Partner Dashboard, you get a single view of aggregated risk information for all your clients.

Frictionless multi-account management

A clear, unified view of the risk information for all your clients. No more manual switching between security views for different accounts or platforms.

Proactively mitigate risk

Identify which people are traveling to the area of a recent incident or country with a specific risk level.

Ensure correct prioritization

Quickly identify the most critical threats for your complete set of clients.

Reduce irrelevant noise

We only present relevant alerts that potentially have an impact on your people or facilities.

Quickly identify an ongoing emergency

A red, flashing icon in the sidebar menu for the Partner Dashboard notifies the administrator of an ongoing emergency.

In the account list, a red warning triangle is displayed next to the account with an ongoing emergency.

Customize the dynamic display of risk information

The account filter gives a clear overview of all accounts and their associated groups, as well as controls the information displayed in all widgets.

Lower your emergency response time

The emergencies widget gives you a clear overview of all ongoing emergencies, together with relevant contextual information about the user.

How is an emergency triggered?

Whenever an end-user presses the emergency button in the Safeture mobile application, an emergency is activated in the system.

The emergency widget in both the normal dashboard and Partner Dashboard will then automatically update within seconds.

Identify threats with a filtered list of alerts

The alerts widget displays all alerts near any user, facility, or travel booking destination and states the potential impact across your connected accounts.

Quickly resolve alerts, filter them based on user preference, and download data for external analysis.

Get detailed insights about the alert

in the area of an alert
  • Detailed view of the incident
  • Individual information for affected users
  • Facilities located within the area
  • Message all affected

Identify which users are exposed to high levels of country risk.

The country risk exposure widget displays in a clear way which people and facilities are exposed to higher degrees of risk than others, determined by a country’s overall risk level.

Medium risk countries partner dashboard

Want to start using Safeture’s Partner Dashboard?

The Partner Dashboard can be accessed by any partner user with multi-account capabilities. The module is activated manually by our Customer Development Team.

Please reach out to them at to set it up!

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