Analytics Module

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The Analytics Module provides you with data from different parts of the platform to give your organization a better understanding of your historical threat exposure, emergency response, platform usage, and travel patterns. The data is anonymized, meaning that you can not see data for specific individuals.

The data of the Analytics Module is divided into the following categories and sub-categories. Click the green headings to read more about the data you can find for each category.

  • Alertes
    • User alerts
    • Facility alerts
  • Assistance
    • Emergencies
    • Messages
  • Travels
    • PNR
    • Travel details
    • Time spent abroad
  • Usage
    • App usage
    • App installations
    • User app devices
    • Current users with app & location settings
    • Admin usage

General information

  • Data History

The data displayed in the Analytics Module has varying starting points depending on the type of data presented. You can generally find data from around three years back in time.

  • Data Refresh

All data in the Analytics Module is updated once a day, starting at 5:00 am (CET) to keep it accurate so that you can take actionable measures from it. Note that the update might take a while.

  • Account and Group Filtering

The account and group filtering menus are located at the top-left corner of each data view, across the Analytics Module. These filtering menus let you filter out certain accounts and groups of users and display data specifically from those users in the charts.

The account and group filters are connected to each data view, which means that if you choose to view information for a specific account in one of the analytics pages and switch to another page, the filter settings will not apply in the new view.

The account filter is only visible for administrators with multi-account access. The filter is based on which accounts the user can access in the platform. Note that when a user is given access to a new account, it can take up to 24 hours before the account is selectable (and the corresponding data) shows up in the Analytics module.

  • Exportation de données

The download buttons are also located on all data views across the Analytics Module. When clicking on any of the download buttons, you will export the data displayed, either in a PDF or CSV file format, depending on your preference and need.

Note: the downloads do not reflect the settings made in the filtering menus. Instead, you will get the complete set of data when downloading any of the analytics views.


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