Train Bookings

Train Bookings in the Safeture Platform

The Safeture Platform is no longer limited only to flight and hotel bookings. With 32 000 train stations added to the system, you can now also easily manage the risk of all your employees traveling by train.

Comment cela fonctionne-t-il ?

When a PNR (Passenger Name Record) that contains a train booking segment is imported, the system will try to identify the train station by searching for train stations codes provided in the PNR. The train station is connected to an exact, fixed location, which will be used to position those users.

Integration Sources

Safeture now adds support for train bookings via several Travel Management Companies, such as: 

Aperçu de la sécurité

The icon for train bookings (as well as any other travel booking type) will be displayed when the booking is active, meaning that a train has departed or arrived at a train station. No upcoming bookings are displayed on the map in the Security Overview.

Travel Data Module

Inside the Web Portal, a list of the train bookings can be viewed by Administrators in the Travel Data Module under the Segment Overview.


If you have a train booking to a high-risk destination, it will be displayed on the Dashboard.

Pre-trip email

Train bookings are also included in the pre-trip emails sent to the traveling employee. Also, high-risk travel booking alerts for train bookings are sent to Administrators of the Safeture Platform.

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