How Safeture helped locate employees while Russia invaded Ukraine


Many international companies, especially within tech, have built up remote workforces in Ukraine over the years, and several western companies have even opened office locations to help recruit and manage personnel.

On February 24th, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Communication throughout the country was disrupted and unreliable, making it difficult to locate people in need.

In response, organizations with employees in Ukraine began working tirelessly to provide them with up-to-date information and advice for their safety. But to do so requires location and communication technology that is reliable. It’s a key tool for determining a person’s exact location, helping evacuate people from an area, and organizing emergency assistance.


Amid the crisis, one of Safeture’s security partners received a request from a large American company whose pre-existing location technology solution was not working properly. The company was unable to accurately locate the people it was trying to evacuate from the country. It was a stressful situation when technology must not fail — which it had.

The security partner in question asked Safeture if there was a way to quickly support and help them locate the people in need of assistance.


Within 2 hours of the initial contact, Safeture’s security partner had assisted the company with installing a new location and communication system that was up and running. Apps were connected, and vital information was successfully sent to the people that needed it.

This meant that all the personnel involved quickly received relevant information and were able to share their location back with the security partner. The security partner could, in turn, continue the critical job of providing assistance and helping evacuate people from the area.

The quick setup of Safeture’s advanced proprietary SMS routing engine and patented geo-positioning technology was critical for the security partner to help the company locate, inform, and communicate with its employees in the midst of an international crisis.

Safeture resources used:

Country: Ukraine

Action: Evacuation of personnel

Client: All identifying information of the organizations and people involved has been omitted to protect them due to the ongoing nature of the situation.

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