A vital part for success

Safeture is the technological hub in the People Risk Management ecosystem, letting others focus on what they do best.

What role does Safeture play in the ecosystem?

Safeture is the technical provider.

Our core business is developing our platform, resulting in the world’s best open solution. We offer smart technology for your People Risk Management. Safeture correlates risk- and location data to filter out and notify you of relevant risks to your people.

Why do we work with partners?

Our partners are experts in security and medical assistance services.

We partner with the best in their field and supply them with the leading technology on the market to safeguard their clients.

Are you curious about how to become a partner of Safeture? 

Who else does Safeture work with?

Risk Management involves using many different services, systems, functionalities and data sources.

All these parts add great value to organizations wanting to eliminate risks for their people. And with Safeture, you can access all of them in one place.

How our smart technology works

Locate your people in the Safeture platform and take action based on the best risk intelligence.

Communicate what needs to be done.

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We want to thrive at what we are best at, and in order to do so, we need to partner up with those who are the best in their field. Therefore, we choose to partner with Safeture on technology.

Pia Kehler
Head of Sales - Travel Risk Management, Falck

More about our ecosystem

Common questions about our ecosystem

That we work strategically together with other parties, such as partners (assistance providers), suppliers (e.g. within Travel Data), and integrations to be able to offer organizations worldwide a complete solution that covers all the capacities required to be able to keep people safe. The ecosystem allows all parties to focus on their core competencies.
Safeture sees Information, Location, and Communication as cornerstones of People Risk Management. All these elements are vital in order to conduct effective People Risk Management.
People risk management often involves several different systems, databases, risk intelligence sources, and integrations. Safeture can bring all these elements together with our technological platform.