Technology that simplifies risk management

A platform to help organizations with the safety of their people and risk management.

One platform.

Two interfaces.

Web portal

For administrators

If a serious incident happens, the Safeture platform will provide an overview of the situation and inform you which of your users and facilities could be impacted. The platform will help you prioritize actions and enable you to provide support faster.

Dashboard with easy access to an overview of all users

Security overview with graphical map and information layers, enabling easy access when informing, locating and communicating with users​

Real-time global alerts 24/7​

Easy access to travel data through the Travel module​

Mass communication to communicate with individuals or groups of users based on place of work position, status via inApp, SMS and email. Inbuilt resilience in areas of poor mobile coverage​

Analytics and exportable reporting ​

Country information and risk assessments for over 230 countries/regions​

Watch this video about our Web Portal. 

Mobile app

For everyone

Safeture’s mobile application can send notifications directly to your phone. It also allows you to initiate emergency mode, identify the nearest hospital, report your location, prepare for upcoming travels, and show the latest travel information.

Real-time positioning on several privacy levels (exact, city, region/state)​, chosen by each user themselves​

Real-time global alerts 24/7, based on users' current and future location​

Customized emergency number and emergency button connected to medical- and/or security assistance​

Travel itineraries including push notifications for flight disruptions or gate changes​

Check-in, either manually or as an answer to scheduled check-ins by administrators​

Country information and risk assessments for over 230 countries/regions​

Medical data base ​

Check out Safeture’s Mobile Application. 

Download the app from App Store or Google Play.

Onboarding in your organization

Every organization using Safeture’s platform is unique, therefore every onboarding process is also special.

Let your journey towards a complete People Risk Management solution start today, by booking a demo with us.

Preparation & Introduction

We walk you through configuration- and setup possibilities, provide important material and inform you of the onboarding process and key milestones.

System setup

Safeture configures the platform specific to your organization. Other integration stakeholders, such as TMC’s, are contacted to start integration processes. Your selected admins can also begin testing the platform.


We tailor the solution to your needs and specifications. This involves preparing, testing and implementing customizations and 3rd party integrations and finalizing a roll-out program.


Now, there will be training sessions for your admins, and if you desire, user-focused training. We will conduct a complete platform walkthrough and hand over supporting material. Together, we sign off the onboarding, and you go live with the Safeture platform!

Hyper Care​

After going live, we offer you three months of hyper care. You can have regular meetings for feedback and questions during your roll-out period. After this, continuous meetings are scheduled based on your desire.

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Questions about our product

Alerts are notifications about security incidents to help people stay safe by avoiding risk. Safeture covers incidents of different kinds, such as kidnap and ransom, fire, civil unrest, etcetera. The risk methodology for alerts consists of three risk levels (low, medium, and high) and 21 risk categories.
The Terms of Use is a contract between the user and Safeture AB.  
Go to the Users module, groups and click on add group. There you can enter group name. The new group will then be available as an option when editing users. 
All members of the deleted group will be without a group, meaning that only top-level administrators have access to their information.