User Tags, Notification of Changed risk level & Foldable menu

Continued improved usability of Safeture’s Admin Portal

User Tags

Discover the flexibility of the new User Tags that let you filter your employees and target your communication to the right group of employees in an instant.

User Tags

High Flexibility

Assign tags based on common denominators such as department, country, role, etc. to better segment your employees.

User Tags in User List

Improved Filtering

Search for or filter your employees on the User List or Security Overview Map based on common tags.

Communication Targeting

Target specific, more narrow groups of employees with your communication.

  • User Tags do not influence access to users like “groups” does in the platform, it is instead introduced as a flexible alternative to groups.
  • A user can have multiple User Tags.
  • It is possible to add tags when inviting users, both using the spreadsheet and the web form. When exporting lists of users in the system, tags are available as separate columns.

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Risk Level Change Notification

We help you stay up to date on any changes in risk levels.

New Dashboard Widget

Inside the Web Portal, on the dashboard, you can now find information on any risk level changes during the last 7 days. It displays countries with either an increased or decreased overall risk level. Download all risk levels in the system to get a full overview of the current situation, globally.

Daily Dashboard Email

We also included a new section in the dashboard email with the latest changes from the last 7 days.

Foldable Menu

New, foldable menu to improve your user experience and simplify navigation.

Major improvements have been done to the main menu of the Admin Portal. By default, the menu is in collapsed mode and will only display the icons. By clicking the button at the bottom of the menu, the user is presented with more details for each menu option and can click further to access the new submenus. The order of the menu options has changed, putting all the admin-related options at the top while end user-focused options are at the bottom. The menu options remain role-based, which means that depending on the logged-in user, some options might not be available.

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