In the Safeture Platform, there are two different types of Administrators:

Super Administrator: The Super Administrator has a complete overview and unlimited access to all users connected to your subscription/account. Depending on the size and organizational structure of your company, the person who is assigned this role might vary. For a larger company, the Super Administrator might be the Security Manager. While for a smaller company, it might be the CEO or HR Manager. If you have outsourced such a function to a security or medical provider, they might be the ones assigned this role.

Group Admin: The Group Administrator is below the Super Administrator. They are the ones that manage and control specific groups within the Safeture Platform, such as for a department, country, or other factors that distinguishes groups from others. The Group Admins have limited access in the sense that they can only view the users connected to the group they are Administrators over. They cannot view other Administrators either, and their access to certain modules within the platform can also be limited.