Alerts in the app

The Home Page of the Safeture Mobile Application has a feed with the latest alerts relevant to you. Your privacy settings will influence what alerts are shown since they are filtered based on your location. The more exact location you allow, the more relevant the alerts you will receive. If you select additional countries of interest in the settings, you will also see those alerts in the feed on the Home Page.

When you receive a medium- or high-risk alert, you can confirm that you are OK by pressing the I’m OK button inside the alert. The Safeture Platform then informs the Administrator about your well-being. This input will help the potential Assistance Providers or your own Administrator(s) to follow up only with those who have not confirmed they are OK or have clicked the Emergency button.

Read more about the risk assessment methodology.

Since alerts are distributed based on your last known location, your privacy settings will directly impact what alerts you will receive. With a region or state level set, you will get all alerts within that region or state. You can also select a country of interest to get alerts from even though you are not currently located there.