Analytics about Assistance (messages)

The second analytics category is called Assistance and contains information on the handling of emergencies and communication with users. The statistics and charts of this analytics category help you to analyze past emergencies in terms of amplitude but also the resolve time, emergency locations, etcetera. With this data, we hope to give you insights into what areas within emergency response that you have the most potential to improve.

Insights about messages

The Messages tab of the assistance category presents you with information on the frequency and type of communication sent through the Safeture Platform.

Messaging Filtering Options

The filtering menus of the Messages tab lets you customize the display of data based a list of parameters.

Time Scale

The time scale filtering menu lets you control the display of alert data in the “User Alert Timeline” chart. You choose to show alert data based on the following parameters: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

Sender Type

With this filter you can separate messages that has been send by an Admin User using the Communication Module from those automatically sent by the system. System-triggered messages might be pre-trip information, personnel in incident region messages, etcetera.

Delivery Status

The Delivery Status Filtering Option lets you filter out messages that was either successfully delivered or not.

Start Date

Here you can select the starting point of the time interval you are interested in displaying alert information.

End Date

Select the endpoint of the time interval you are interested in displaying alert information from.

Messages – KPIs

App Push Messages

Number of app Push Messages sent to users. These notifications are automatically triggered by the system when the user needs to be notified of something in the app, for example an alert about an incident happening nearby.

E-mails Sent

Number of emails sent via the platform by an Admin user, or automatically triggered emails, such as pre-trip emails with information about a country that a user is traveling to, etcetera.

SMS Sent

Number of SMS sent via the platform by an Admin user, or automatically triggered SMS. When hovering over this KPI you can also see the number of Welcome to … SMS, i.e. the SMS a user get when entering a new country.

Messages – Charts

Messages Over Time

On the left-hand side of the Messages tab, you will find this chart displaying the number of messages that were successfully and unsuccessfully delivered over time for each message type.

The graph displays data on the share of successfully vs failed message deliveries for the following types of messages:

  • App Push Messages
  • E-mail Sent
  • SMS Sent

See definitions of these message types above under the heading “Messages – KPIs“.

Note: If you click on the text presenting the message type, for example “App push messages”, a list icon appears. When clicking on that icon, you will see the data in a list view that you also can choose to download.

Message Types Over Time

This chart shows trends and changes in your messaging frequency for various types of messages and through different channels. The pink share of the bars represents the share of Admin-generated messages, i.e. those sent to users via the Communication Module. The green share of the bars shows data on the number of System-generated messages, i.e. messages triggered automatically by some event in the platform. This can, for example, be welcome messages when a user travels to a new country.