Analytics about Platform Usage (admin usage)

The fourth analytics category is called Usage and contains data on the frequency and type of platform usage among users of both the Safeture Mobile Application and Web Portal.

Admin Usage

The last tab of the Usage category of the Analytics Module, you find usage data specifically for Admin sessions within the Safeture Web Portal.

Admin Usage – KPIs

Total Sessions

The total number of sessions. A session in the Web Portal is a series of actions performed during the same login. If there has been no activity during 10 minutes the session is defined as ended.


The number of unique Admin users that have used the Web Portal during the selected time period.

Admin Usage – Chart

This chart displays the total number of Web Portal sessions on a monthly basis. Hovering over a bar will give you information on the number of unique Admin users and ultimately the average number of sessions per user on a monthly basis. Identify changes or trends in the usage patterns among Admin users.