Analytics about Platform Usage (app installations)

The fourth analytics category is called Usage and contains data on the frequency and type of platform usage among users of both the Safeture Mobile Application and Web Portal.

App Installations

App Installations is the second tab of the Usage Analytics category and it shows you to what extent your people have downloaded the Safeture app. With these insights, you can take action to motivate a higher degree of app activation and see the result of such measures.

App Installations – KPI

Users with Installed App

The number of users who have installed the Safeture mobile application and have activated the service.

App Installations – Charts

Installation History

The Installation History consists of three different charts:

  • Installations: The green chart at the top contains data on the number of app installations performed by your users. When hovering over a bar you will se data for all three charts for that specific quarter.
  • Deletions: The bars in the red bar chart represent the number of deletions, i.e., the number of actions where a user has deleted the Safeture app or deletions due to inactivity.
  • Net Installations: The orange bar chart shows the net installations, i.e. the total number of installations minus the deletions.

Installations by Country

This map view shows the same type of data as in the Installation history chart but adds the geographical element to the data as well. It lets you see how the installation rates vary for different countries.

Number of Apps

This chart is located at the bottom-right corner of the interface and illustrates the changes in the total number of active apps. When hovering over a bar in the chart you will see the exact number for that month.