Analytics about Travels (PNR)

Travels is the third analytics category, and it contains data about your organization’s travel patterns and the time spent abroad by the users.

PNR Overview

The first tab within the travels category is called PNR Overview and contains data of the number and location of your organization’s travel segments.

What is a segment?

A segment is an itinerary item within a PNR. A segment might include a flight, car rental, hotel booking, train journey or other parts related to the passenger journey. For flights, a segment is the operation of a flight with a single flight number between then point where passengers first board an aircraft and their destination. Since a PNR might contain many different segments, data on the number of segments is needed to get a complete picture of an organization’s travel habits and frequency.

PNR Filtering Options

The filtering menus of the PNR Overview tab lets you customize the display of data based on the following parameters:

Time Scale

The time scale filtering menu lets you control the display of alert data in the “User Alert Timeline” chart. You choose to show alert data based on the following parameters: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

Country Risk Exposure

The Country Risk Exposure lets you filter out travel data based on the overall country risk level of the destination. You can choose to filter out either all, negligible, low, medium, high, or critical risk.

Domestic / International

With this filter you can choose to only see travel data for either domestic or international trips.

Segment Type

The segment type filtering menu include the following options: car, flight, hotel, train, or all at once. By selecting one of them, you will have the data reflect that specific segment type.


With this filter you can choose to view data for either cancelled or actual bookings/ departures.

Start Date

Here you can select the starting point of the time interval you are interested in displaying alert information.

End Date

Select the endpoint of the time interval you are interested in displaying alert information from.

PNR Overview – KPIs

At the top-right corner of the interface, you will find the KPIs of the PNR Overview:


Here you see the total number of segments for the chosen segment type(s) and time period. A segment might include flights, car rental bookings, hotel bookings, train journeys and other parts related to the passenger journey.

Users Traveling

The number of unique users traveling during the selected time period.

Users With App

Percentage of users using the Safeture app out of the total number of users. The total number of users also include users with a travel booking, but no app.


Number of unique Passenger Name Records.

Group PNRs

Percentage of total PNRs (Passenger name records) that are group PNRs, I.e., itinerary details for passengers traveling together as a collective unit.

CO2 (t)

The flight emission calculator estimates the quantity of CO2 emissions (in tonnes) that all airplane flights emit. The calculation is based on average consumption of data for typical short-haul and long-haul airplanes.

Travel Time (days)

Here you see the total days that the selected users have traveled.

Distance traveled (km)

The total number of kilometers traveled.

PNR Overview – Charts

Segments Over Time

The Segments Over Time chart display data on the number of booking and departures in two separate bar charts.

  • Booking: The top chart of the Segments Over Time present data on the number of segments booked during a specific month.
  • Departure: The chart below contains data on the number of segments departing during the selected month.

The bars illustrate the share of actual (blue) and cancelled (orange) bookings/departures.

Segments Per Destination

This data view gives you a geographical overview of all your organization’s segments and quickly lets you identify what destinations in the world you have the most people traveling to. By clicking on any of the blue dots, the statistics and chart data on the page will reflect your choice of country.