Analytics about Travels (time spent abroad)

Travels is the third analytics category, and it contains data about your organization’s travel patterns and the time spent abroad by the users.

Time spent Abroad

The third tab of the travels category is called Time Spent Abroad. The data on this page is intended to give you a better understanding of both where in the world your organization spends the most time during travels but also the total time you spend abroad for a selected time period. The data is based on both historic app position data and travel booking data.

With this information, you can identify which countries you should focus your efforts around in regards to travel risk management.

Time Spent Abroad – KPIs


Number of countries visited by the selected users and time period.

Time spent abroad (days)

Total number of days spent abroad, i.e. time spent outside registered home region.

Time Spent Abroad – Charts

Countries Spent Time in

With this view, you can quickly see which countries the people at your organization, or your client’s organization, spend the most time during travels. A darker color on the map indicates more days spent in that country. Hover over a country to see more detailed statistics, such as the total days spent there, the average days spent there, the number of segments and the number of users. You can also view that data for different regions within that country when hovering.

Time spent abroad (incl. 6 months forecast)

With this graph, you can see trends and patterns of how much time your organization spend abroad over a specific time period. Also, it includes a forecast, i.e., predictions of how much time your organization expect to spend abroad the coming six months.

This forecast is done using the number of hours from the time when the user left the home region/s. So, the total number of hours abroad is then divided by the number of users and region.