Custom Alerts

You are not limited to only using Safeture’s own alerts. If you as an Administrator may wish to publish additional alerts yourself, the Custom Alerts feature enables you to do so. The information you need to create a new alert is a title, risk category, severity degree (low, medium or high risk), text about the event, advice on how to act, one or more locations, and selected affected countries.

Custom alerts on a client and partner level

Custom alerts can only be activated either on a partner level or client level, not both at the same time.

  • Custom Alerts on a client level: If custom alerts are activated on a client level (i.e. a single account administrating only their own account in the system), then that client will only get custom alerts created specifically for that account and not any potential custom alerts published by their partner. In other words, custom alerts on a partner level will only be sent to clients that do not have custom alerts activated on a client level.
  • Custom Alerts on a partner level: Custom Alerts on a partner level mean publication of Custom Alerts for ALL customers under that partner.

Custom Alerts settings for system alerts provided by Safeture

  • Opt-in: the system alerts will enter a pending list in the custom alerts view within the web portal. The admin user can then actively control and choose which alerts should be published.
  • Opt-out: with this option, the admin can schedule so that the alerts will be published with a certain delay, leaving room for the admin to go through and potentially stop the publishing of any alerts. The default delay is 15 minutes.
  • Publish: the alerts will be published automatically as usual.
  • Discard: The system alerts will not be published at all with this setting.

Click here to watch a video about custom alerts.