Emergency Button

In the middle of the bottom bar inside the Safeture Mobile Application is the Emergency button. When you tap it, you are directed to the Emergency section containing several different emergency numbers. At the top, you will find one or more SOS buttons (depending on the account setup). Tap on it to enable emergency mode. The Safeture Platform will inform both the Safeture Administrators and your security/medical providers simultaneously (if integrated into the platform) about the emergency. While in emergency mode, Safeture automatically informs your security provider of your current location for prompt assistance. 

Note: You can share your location and initiate emergency mode via SMS even if your mobile device cannot access the internet when you are experiencing an emergency.   

In the emergency section, you will also have access to all local emergency numbers, which are automatically updated based on the country where you are located. Finally, the emergency section also contains a link to a map view plotted with all nearby healthcare providers.

At the top of the Emergency section of the Safeture Mobile Application, you will find two tabs. Navigating to the Location tab will enable you to quickly share your location.

emergency button