Medical Module


The Medical Module provides you with in-depth information on conditions/diseases as well as medications. This module is a great tool to prepare for your upcoming trip. The same information is offered in the Safeture mobile application for easy access for all traveling users.


To obtain valid medical information, Safeture uses sources such as: 

  • International medical institutes and organizations. 
  • Region-specific and local organizations.
  • There are clear references to specific sources, such as the WHO or CDC, in some medical sections. 


In the Medications section of the module, you have access to a database of various medications presented in multiple languages. The information is structured under the following headings; medical brand names, side effects, risks of interactions with other drugs, etcetera.


In this part of the module, you find information about different medical conditions. The conditions are explained through the following headings; descriptions, symptoms, and prevention.