Risk levels within Country Risk Category ‘Civil Unrest’

In the Safeture platform, every country is assigned an overall risk level, which is based on the combined risk levels for the different risk categories (see further below for a summary of all Country Risk Categories). These risks are adjusted to the local context to reflect how the risks impact the operating environment in the country. Below you will find the definitions of the risk levels within the Civil Unrest category.

Civil Unrest

  • Negligible: Stable economic and political situation. Infrequent and non-violent protests. Protest issues are effectively resolved within accepted legal framework. Labour situation largely stable with infrequent localised strikes. Inter-communal harmony.

  • Low: Infrequent to regular protests cause some disruption. Occasional strikes cause localised disruption but are neither systemic nor sector focused. Localised inter-communal tension and rare violence between individuals. Mass peaceful protests. Security forces are able to contain protests or disperse with acceptable levels of force. Violent clashes are rare.

  • Medium: Frequent protests often cause disruption. Strikes affect multiple sectors or cause shutdown in a single sector. Security force capability is generally satisfactory but presence at demonstrations sometimes result in violent clashes. Foreign interests may be affected but are not generally targeted. Communities polarised, with regular small-scale violence.

  • High: Large-scale protest actions occur frequently and cause significant disruption. Strikes cause complete shutdown of entire industries or sectors. Security forces struggle or are unable to cope with protests and instead cause antagonism, often resulting in violent clashes. Rioting occurs periodically causing economic damage and potential threats to human life. Regular mass violence between polarised communities.

  • Critical: Mass violent protests occur very frequently. Demonstrations have a critical impact on business continuity and violence is large-scale. Security forces are unable to deal with violence at demonstrations. Rioting is a very regular occurrence causing considerable economic damage and major threat to human life.

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