Risk levels within Country Risk Category ‘Insurgency & Armed Conflict’

In the Safeture platform, every country is assigned an overall risk level, which is based on the combined risk levels for the different risk categories (see further below for a summary of all Country Risk Categories). These risks are adjusted to the local context to reflect how the risks impact the operating environment in the country. Below you will find the definitions of the risk levels within the Insurgency & Armed Conflict category.

Insurgency & Armed Conflict

  • Negligible: No modern precedent for internal armed conflict. No known separatist groups.

  • Low: Government legitimacy is contested peacefully. Domestic political issues generate low levels of violent protest. Groups with separatist or anti-government agendas exist but lack intent and/or capability to use violence. Precedent for internal armed conflict.

  • Medium: Government legitimacy is challenged by armed non-state actors with intent to secede or overthrow government. Government capacity to deliver essential services, including security, across territory is challenged.

  • High: Government legitimacy is challenged by well-armed non-state actors with both intent and capability to overthrow the government. Well-armed separatist groups pose a significant threat to territorial integrity. Government control is removed over part of the country. Armed groups pose a threat to major economic centers outside areas of their control.

  • Critical: Civil war. Separatist groups undermine territorial integrity to the extent that there is no recognized central authority. Multi-polar conflict involving several insurgencies.

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