Risk levels within Country Risk Category ‘Political Stability’

In the Safeture platform, every country is assigned an overall risk level, which is based on the combined risk levels for the different risk categories (see further below for a summary of all Country Risk Categories). These risks are adjusted to the local context to reflect how the risks impact the operating environment in the country. Below you will find the definitions of the risk levels within the Political Stability category.

Political Stability

  • Negligible. Crime rates are very low and typically limited to certain areas. No specific threat to foreign personnel or assets. No to low-level organised crime. Effective law enforcement.

  • Low. Crime rates are low. Small-scale activity by organised criminal groups, including drug and human trafficking, counterfeiting. Periodic isolated incidents of violence between rival criminal groups; overall civilian impact low. Law enforcement and legal institutions generally robust.

  • Medium. High crime rates in some areas. Organised crime groups well established. Known production/transit point for illicit goods on international market. Frequent incidents of violence between criminal groups. Clashes involve law enforcement agencies. Ineffectual law enforcement and legal institutions.

  • High. Crime levels are too high for security forces to adequately cope. Low-level criminals routinely carry firearms. Major producer/transit point for illicit goods. Criminal groups well-armed. Sustained clashes involving law enforcement agencies. Organised criminal activity evident throughout society. Law enforcement incapable of effectively countering organised crime: effort to counter criminal institutions result in violent intimidation.

  • Critical. Virtual breakdown in law and order. Illegal goods and organised crime form large part of economy. Organised crime groups control avenues of power and operate with autonomy. Law enforcement/forces incapable of countering criminal activity. Criminal groups better armed and informed than national authorities.

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