Users Module


In the Users Module, you can manage all user roles, groups, permissions, and hierarchies. The Users module enables Administrators (internal ones or through a service provider) to add, amend, or delete users outside of any integration with your HR systems. Below you’ll find explanations of the different user types in the Safeture Platform.


The Users section includes a list of all end-users, i.e., the type of users who primarily interact with the Safeture Platform through the Safeture Mobile Application. You can either invite end-users individually or import multiple ones at the same time via a spreadsheet.

The User section enables you to organize and group end-users based on which department they belong to or another relevant grouping parameter. You can also assign user tags based on common denominators such as country, role, etc., to improve segmentation and targeting. You are also given the option to connect an end-user to a specific facility.


A user who is connected to a facility is called a contact. A contact can be connected to one or more facilities and is not required to have the Safeture Mobile Application. Instead, their location is static because their documented location will be equal to the facility location that they are connected to. Click here to see a guide on how to add contacts to Safeture.


A Traveler is a user that has been assigned the role of a traveler, meaning that he or she can be connected to a Passenger Name Record (PNR)/Travel booking.


In the Safeture Platform, there are two different types of Administrators:

Super Administrators

The Super Administrator has a complete overview and unlimited access to all users connected to your subscription/account. Depending on the size and organizational structure of your company, the person who is assigned this role might vary. For a larger company, the Super Administrator might be the Security Manager. While for a smaller company, it might be the CEO or HR Manager. If you have outsourced such a function to a security or medical provider, they might be the ones assigned this role.

Group Administrators

The Group Administrator is below the Super Administrator. They are the ones that manage and control specific groups within the Safeture Platform, such as for a department, country, or other factors that distinguish groups from others. The Group Admins have limited access in the sense that they can only view the users connected to the group they are Administrators over. They cannot view other Administrators either, and their access to certain modules within the platform can also be limited.


The Groups section presents an overview of all your groups and their members. Here, you can categorize users and give Group Administrators access and control.

You can set up a group as a “default group” that’s automatically assigned to all new app users that have not been assigned a group. You can then change the group a user belongs to in the User section.

Click here to see how to create a group of users.

groups list

E-learning administration

The Users module is where you can follow your users’ e-learning progress. You can also view users who have completed the required courses and those that have not and send invites to the desired group of recipients.

e-learning users