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Security Overview

Real-time overview of incidents, people, and facilities.

Identify risks and communicate with the relevant people.

Have a look at the Security Overview. 

Risk map

Global information at a glance

The Risk Map presents global risk information. When combined with the location of your users and facilities, it lets you detect and act upon threats to your organization. Filter out irrelevant data to make informed, proactive decisions.

Risk Map

Quick Selector

The easiest and fastest way to reach out

Respond quickly to incidents by marking an area on the map and message everyone within that area. Select people across cities, regions, or even countries – it’s your decision!

Quick Selector

Scheduled check-ins

Automate the process

Spend less time manually controlling the safety of your people. With Scheduled check-ins, you can select certain weekdays and time slots for when you want your people to report their position manually in the app. The Safeture Platform informs you immediately when a scheduled check-in has been missed and lets you reach out directly from the dashboard. 

Scheduled Checkins

Account Select

Manage multiple accounts at once

Some admins may have to manage multiple accounts at once. The Account Select function enables you to quickly switch views for different accounts.

NOTE: this functionality is available to Safeture Partners only!


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How Security Overview works in practice