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MAX Security has been providing comprehensive security and risk management solutions for the private, public, and NGO sectors for over 25 years in the areas of Travel Security, Intelligence, Security Consulting, Due Diligence, and Investigations. We have a global team providing executive protection, secure transportation, airport meet & greets, and emergency evacuation services on the ground in over 130 countries managed by a 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC). Our intelligence portal and mobile application combine tactical and strategic analysis and in-depth forecasting, providing actionable intelligence in order to enable rapid executive decision-making by corporate security managers.

Services offered


What good is information if you can’t act on it? The kind of information our Security Intelligence Division provides is just what you need to ensure the ongoing success of your business. Even when and where risk is greatest. It’s timely, accurate and relevant. Most important, it’s actionable.

Travel Security

Identifying risk. And acting on it.

Our operations specialists know their job and know the world. They draw their experience from serving in government agencies and military Special Forces, and their knowledge from major operations spanning five continents. They’re not only multi-lingual, they’re multi-faceted, assessing risk from the perspective of multiple fields. They provide you with concise, practical and completely actionable mitigation solutions.


At MAX Security Consulting, we protect against the impact of the unpredictable.

Our expert consultants take a comprehensive approach to ensure your physical security requirements are met to keep business running as usual, even when it’s not.

Through a holistic approach to security and risk management, we have implemented transformative measures and return on investment for some of the world’s largest corporate and third-sector organizations.


The security needs of your business are multi-faceted. There are the physical threats to your people and your assets. But there are also more subtle threats. For this reason, you need a third party due diligence company to identify threats that can damage your reputation, violate your rights and threaten your financial future. We use our years of experience in total security solutions to proactively manage the kind of risk that can bring down a business without a shot fired. Over the years, MAX Security has built a formidable team of Field Investigators, Research Analysts, Forensic Accountants and Expert Witnesses who bring with them an abundance of experience and resourcefulness. Together, our experts work to bring you exceptionally competitive corporate due diligence services, mitigating risks to leave no stone unturned.

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